Whitman Highlights!

Senior year is coming to an end. Commencement is less than 20 days away and it is hard to understand where the time has gone. I have taken my senior written exams, turned in my thesis, and passed my orals. These monumental parts of my Whitman experience seemed incredibly intimidating and well into the future when I was a first-year. I remember how long and enjoyable my first year at Whitman was and I remember thinking that three more years of this seems like a long time to be at Whitman. But the time has gone by incredibly fast! Looking back, there are several parts of my time at Whitman that stand out to me as particularly fulfilling experiences and memories. I thought I would share a few of them here.

I took an English class, expository writing, with Professor Hashimoto who will be retiring at the end of this year. When I came to Whitman, I did not consider myself to be a confident writer and knew it was a skill I was hoping to develop quickly. This class with Professor Hashimoto not only improved my writing, but it made me more confident in my writing and made writing an enjoyable experience.

During my sophomore and junior year, I was a Student Academic Advisor and a Resident Assistant. These two opportunities were probably some of the most fulfilling experiences I have had at Whitman. Welcoming new students, fostering a sense of community, helping students acclimate to Whitman culture, and forging meaningful connections with others was a great source of happiness to me during my time as an SA and RA.

When I came to Whitman, I knew I wanted to have new experiences, but I didn’t quite know what I was looking for. Prior to coming to Whitman, I had played the drums for about 9 years and knew I wanted to try something new. I decided to try dance to see how it was. I started in social dancing club and learned how to swing dance. Then I tried some hip hop, and modern, and then ballet. And this year, I learned how to salsa. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to perform on stage in front of students and faculty!

Throughout my time at Whitman, I captained an intramural basketball team and have played with my closes friends! Although I can only count the number of games we won over the past four years on one hand, the memory is one of a kind. Playing sports have kept be balanced and active, and it was a great way to meet other students and have a fun time with my friends on the team!

Community service has also been a big part of my time at Whitman. I was a part of the Big Buddies program and worked with an autistic student in Walla Walla. I read to a second-grade class once a week as a part of my involvement with the Story Time Project. I have adopted a grandparent in Walla Walla and spend time with him once a week. And lastly, I was a part of the Mr. Whitman campaign and helped raised funds for a non-profit based in Guatemala.

I led a SCORE (Summer Community OutReach Excursion) the summer before starting my senior year that was based on environmental justice and sustainability! Leading this trip was a lot of fun because I not only got to meet and bond with awesome first-year students, but I got to raise awareness of important environmental issues that are relevant to Walla Walla and introduce these students to the town and Whitman.

Lastly, this year, my roommate from my first-year and I are DJs for our campus radio station (KWCW). We host a show called, Old School Jamz, and we play our favorite songs from the late 90s and early 2000s. It has been so much fun to have this memory with him once a week and to listen to songs that take us back to our grade-school days. This is definitely an experience I didn’t think I would have!

These are just a few highlights of my time at Whitman. There are so many smaller and larger parts of my Whitman experience that have brought fulfillment and happiness to my life! It’s been an incredible four years and thinking about leaving is bitter sweet. But one thing is for sure – it’s a four years I will never forget!

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Spring Break!

This is year is FLYING by! I can’t believe I can count the number of weeks left in the semester on my hands! It is such a scary feeling (and exciting too I guess) that graduation is just around the corner! But, as always, spring break is time for me to take it easy, wind down, and rejuvenate as I prepare for the final home-stretch!

This year, I will be visiting central Oregon with my friends for the first few days of break! My friend, Rachel, has a cabin there and invited all of us to come. All of us who are going have been friends since freshman year. In fact, of the seven of us that are going, five of us lived in the same freshman section! It’s so exciting to still be so close with my freshman-year section mates and I am so glad that I get to travel and spend time with them over break! It is the first time this has happened….and sadly, probably the last time it will too….at least for a while!

After I visit Oregon, I am going to head home for a couple of days to visit my family. I have to then intensely prepare for an interview I have on Friday of this coming week (fingers crossed it goes well!). After the interview, I plan to visit my sister for a few days and hang out with her — I’ve really missed her and am excited to spend some quality time with her over break!

After the interview and visit with my sister, I am not sure what the rest of break holds for me. I am sure it will be fun and exciting — they always end up this way. But it will definitely be an adventure figuring out what comes next in my break! Either way, one thing is for sure. I won’t miss this opportunity to rest up, spend time with people I care about, and spend time doing things I love!

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My favorite spot on campus

There are many spots on Whitman’s campus where I enjoy spending time. Over the years, one spot I have noticed I return to time and time again is Lakum Duckum. Lakum Duckum is a pond located near the middle of campus that is heated by a geo-thermal spring up the creek. This year-round heated pond is home to many friendly ducks that I enjoy visiting from time to time. On busy days at Whitman, it relaxes me to take time out of my day to sit on the stone benches at Lakum Duckum and be distracted by the ducks dunking their head under water or following each other around. It is a wonderful place to eat lunch, have a heart-to-heart with someone, call a friend back home, and even study! In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places especially during fall! But honestly, Lakum Duckum looks beautiful during every season of the year. The sound of the water, the ducks splashing away, and the color of the trees and flowers that surround the pond make Lakum Duckum one of the more peaceful and enjoyable spots for me to spend time on campus.

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Classes I wish I could have taken at Whitman!

I remember when I registered for my classes the summer before my first-year at Whitman and thinking, “Wow! Four to five classes each semester! I’ll have plenty of time to take all the classes I want to take here!” But little did I know then.

At Whitman, I am fortunate to have taken classes in several disciplines outside of my major (Psychology). I have taken classes in Biology, Chemistry, Dance, Economics, English, Math, Philosophy, Politics, Rhetoric Studies, Sociology, and Theatre! Nevertheless, there are still courses I wish I could have fit in to my time at Whitman and I thought I would share some of them with you 🙂

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Genes and Genetic Engineering
  • Chemistry of Art
  • Expository Writing
  • International Relations of the Middle East
  • Whitman in the Global Food Systems
  • Politics and Religion
  • Psychology of Aging
  • Death and Afterlife
  • Buddhist Ethics: Karma and its Consequences

If I had another year at Whitman to take classes simply because they sound intriguing, I would fill my schedule with as many of the above classes as possible! Even though I won’t be able to take any of the classes listed above, I am very happy with the classes that I have taken here over the years and have no regrets! 🙂

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Fall Semester Memories :-)

I can’t believe that finals week is only a few days away! It is unbelievable how fast this semester has gone by! Looking back, I had several wonderful memories from the semester, a couple of which I will highlight to you!

Mr. Whitman: Being a contestant in Mr. Whitman was a very memorable experience. To be picked amongst seven other senior men to fundraise for a non-profit was a very humbling experience. While stressful at times, the experience overall was very fulfilling and fun. Fundraising was a lot of hard work and it felt great to have the support of so many students, friends and family back home, and of course, my fellow contestants! A large part of the memory was the Mr. Whitman pageant performance! It was quite fun preparing for the event and coming together with the other contestants to entertain our friends in the audience. At the end of the performance, we found out that we collaboratively raised over 36,000 dollars! I feel very thankful to have been a part event and to have made such an impactful contribution to the non-profit we were supporting, Semilla Nueva.

IM Basketball: Since my first-year at Whitman, a bunch of my friends and I get together and form an IM basketball team. It is always something I look forward to not only because I really enjoy playing basketball, but also because it serves as an excuse for my friends to get together to see each other multiple times a week! Playing IM basketball is especially exciting because we truly play for fun – none of us on the team has had a lot of experience playing basketball. That said though, we hadn’t really won a game in two years ☹ But that changed this year when we were only one seat away from making it to the playoffs! We had some wonderful games this season, one of my favorites being a game in which we beat our opponent 119 to 16! I even scored a half-court shot in that game! But wins and losses aside, playing this year with my friends was very fun and memorable, especially since it had been something we had done every year at Whitman so far ☺

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My Whitman Story

My name is Al-Rahim and I am currently a senior majoring in psychology at Whitman. When I was a senior in high school, I was unsure of what my so-called “best fit” college looked like. I was debating between schools in and out of state and those of varying sizes. The concept of liberal arts was also very foreign to me. Whitman was the last school I applied to and I applied mostly because my high school counselor told me that she could see me thriving here. I did not know much about the school when I applied and I did not visit until much later. And now, after three full years of immersing myself at Whitman, I cannot see myself anywhere else.

At Whitman, I am surrounded by passionate, driven, and enthusiastic students who have a natural ability to balance academics and their extra-curricular endeavors. I have effortlessly been able to pursue and develop my interests and expose myself to opportunities I never thought I would have. For example, having had no previous dance or performance background in high school, I joined the Whitman Dance Production and participated in 5 productions in a two-year period. I performed swing, hip hop, modern dance and ballet in our main auditorium on campus. Also, having never had any singing background (I was a band kid in middle and high school), I joined an informal a cappella group and a men’s choir that performs at our annual Choral Contest. Other experiences that I never expected to have at college have been captaining an intramural basketball team, serving as president to the South Asian Students Association, and DJing a radio show, Old School Jamz for our college radio station, 90.5 KWCW.

Academically, Whitman has also given me the opportunity to explore my interests. I came into Whitman thinking I would pursue computer science, and then later switched to economics, biology and pre-medicine, and finally to psychology. I have taken courses in various disciplines such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, philosophy, politics, english, sociology, and acting, which have all allowed me to fully embrace the ideals of a liberal arts education. Whitman has taught me to be a leader, an academic, and an overall critical thinker. I am very thankful to be surrounded by Whitman professors who are invested in my success and who challenge me in ways that have facilitated my academic and social growth. Whitman College is no doubt where I was meant to be: it is truly collaborative and diverse, intellectually stimulating, and has an intimate sense of community.

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Thanksgiving Break :-)

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving break is already here! After what has been a very long and tiring past couple weeks, the break could not have been better timed!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year mainly because it provides a reason for my entire family to come together! That’s why I always look forward to going home over the break – I know I will get to spend lots of quality time with all of my family and of course, eat a lot of wonderful food! Now that I think of it, the food is also a big component of going home over break. Generally speaking, my family usually cooks Indian food for our main meals but Thanksgiving is one of a handful of occasions where we get together and have a traditional, American Thanksgiving dinner! Altogether, it ends up being quite the feast!  I look forward to the turkey, gravy, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, biscuits, salads, and of course, pies! If you can’t tell already, I am already quite excited!

Before I reach home, my friends from my first-year section and I will spend a few days in central Oregon where we will stay at a friend’s cabin for two nights. With all the hustle and bustle of these past few weeks, it’s been a little hard to spend quality time together as a group. Venturing out to central Oregon with my friends will be a perfect way to start the break! 🙂



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