Spring Break!

10 Mar

This is year is FLYING by! I can’t believe I can count the number of weeks left in the semester on my hands! It is such a scary feeling (and exciting too I guess) that graduation is just around the corner! But, as always, spring break is time for me to take it easy, wind down, and rejuvenate as I prepare for the final home-stretch!

This year, I will be visiting central Oregon with my friends for the first few days of break! My friend, Rachel, has a cabin there and invited all of us to come. All of us who are going have been friends since freshman year. In fact, of the seven of us that are going, five of us lived in the same freshman section! It’s so exciting to still be so close with my freshman-year section mates and I am so glad that I get to travel and spend time with them over break! It is the first time this has happened….and sadly, probably the last time it will too….at least for a while!

After I visit Oregon, I am going to head home for a couple of days to visit my family. I have to then intensely prepare for an interview I have on Friday of this coming week (fingers crossed it goes well!). After the interview, I plan to visit my sister for a few days and hang out with her — I’ve really missed her and am excited to spend some quality time with her over break!

After the interview and visit with my sister, I am not sure what the rest of break holds for me. I am sure it will be fun and exciting — they always end up this way. But it will definitely be an adventure figuring out what comes next in my break! Either way, one thing is for sure. I won’t miss this opportunity to rest up, spend time with people I care about, and spend time doing things I love!

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