Fall Semester Memories :-)

06 Dec

I can’t believe that finals week is only a few days away! It is unbelievable how fast this semester has gone by! Looking back, I had several wonderful memories from the semester, a couple of which I will highlight to you!

Mr. Whitman: Being a contestant in Mr. Whitman was a very memorable experience. To be picked amongst seven other senior men to fundraise for a non-profit was a very humbling experience. While stressful at times, the experience overall was very fulfilling and fun. Fundraising was a lot of hard work and it felt great to have the support of so many students, friends and family back home, and of course, my fellow contestants! A large part of the memory was the Mr. Whitman pageant performance! It was quite fun preparing for the event and coming together with the other contestants to entertain our friends in the audience. At the end of the performance, we found out that we collaboratively raised over 36,000 dollars! I feel very thankful to have been a part event and to have made such an impactful contribution to the non-profit we were supporting, Semilla Nueva.

IM Basketball: Since my first-year at Whitman, a bunch of my friends and I get together and form an IM basketball team. It is always something I look forward to not only because I really enjoy playing basketball, but also because it serves as an excuse for my friends to get together to see each other multiple times a week! Playing IM basketball is especially exciting because we truly play for fun – none of us on the team has had a lot of experience playing basketball. That said though, we hadn’t really won a game in two years ☹ But that changed this year when we were only one seat away from making it to the playoffs! We had some wonderful games this season, one of my favorites being a game in which we beat our opponent 119 to 16! I even scored a half-court shot in that game! But wins and losses aside, playing this year with my friends was very fun and memorable, especially since it had been something we had done every year at Whitman so far ☺

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