October Fun

26 Oct

Each year, the residents of North Hall turn their beloved residence hall into a haunted hospital for Halloween! Built in 1926, North Hall used to be the old Walla Walla General Hospital until it was acquired by Whitman in 1978 for use as a residence hall. Not surprisingly, North has the widest hallways and the largest single rooms of all the residence halls on campus which comes in handy when planning the ultimate haunted hospital experience!

Last year, I was a Resident Assistant (RA) in North and had the pleasure of spearheading the haunted hospital event! As a hall, we divided North into various sections and planned what the themes and decorations would be. We decided to feature a psychiatric ward, maternity ward, surgery wing, and several others. If I do say so myself, it was quite the haunted hospital! Setting up was a lot of fun, and acting in the haunted hospital was even more exciting! I volunteered as a tour guide and led groups of students and other individuals from the community through all the areas of the haunted hospital. It was such a memorable experience to see everyone in my tour group scream and freak out as the actors came out of rooms and closets! I admit that I too was really frightened during my first couple tours because I forgot when to expect something scary to happen!

One of the best parts of the haunted hospital (other than seeing everyone scream) was that I acted with a bunch of my friends. It was fun to visit all of them in in between my tours and make sure that everything was running smoothly. It was often the case that I had several classmates in my tours which also made the experience a lot more fun.

This year, I plan to be involved again in some capacity. While I miss leading the planning committee for the event, I am very excited to see how it will be different from last year’s haunted hospital! One thing is for sure though – it will no doubt be at least as scary as last year! 🙂 I’m stoked!

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