My favorite spot on campus

23 Feb

There are many spots on Whitman’s campus where I enjoy spending time. Over the years, one spot I have noticed I return to time and time again is Lakum Duckum. Lakum Duckum is a pond located near the middle of campus that is heated by a geo-thermal spring up the creek. This year-round heated pond is home to many friendly ducks that I enjoy visiting from time to time. On busy days at Whitman, it relaxes me to take time out of my day to sit on the stone benches at Lakum Duckum and be distracted by the ducks dunking their head under water or following each other around. It is a wonderful place to eat lunch, have a heart-to-heart with someone, call a friend back home, and even study! In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places especially during fall! But honestly, Lakum Duckum looks beautiful during every season of the year. The sound of the water, the ducks splashing away, and the color of the trees and flowers that surround the pond make Lakum Duckum one of the more peaceful and enjoyable spots for me to spend time on campus.

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